Calm Path Hypnotherapy


If you're stressed and anxious, feeling stuck or lacking in motivation and confidence, then hypnotherapy can super boost your resolve and assist you in making permanent positive changes to your life.  In a typical hypnotherapy session, you are going to experience a highly relaxed state coupled with new and revealing insights into what's been blocking your path.  It's an extremely powerful tool to unlocking the barriers which have been holding you back, and preventing you from living your life to its full potential. You will leave sessions feeling a renewed sense of empowerment and become the architect of your life once again.

There a number of benefits to working with a hypnotherapist.  It can help you to process and accept past experiences and understand how these may have  shaped your way of responding in the present.  It's also:

  • An opportunity to eliminate old ways of thinking, behaving or reacting

  • A time for you to explore your deeper thoughts and feelings 

  • An experience in which you will be fully heard and not judged

  • A chance to make significant changes in your life


Coronavirus support

At this time of a global pandemic, the immediate concern is for the our physical health.  However, there are many people now suffering with mental health issues, such as anxiety in its many forms, stress about jobs, money and relationships and also the loss of direction and motivation, due to the upheaval of living in lockdown.

As waiting lists for CBT and other low intensity mental health therapies become ever longer, hypnotherapy is a solution which can alleviate mental discomfort.  Through experiencing a highly relaxed state, you can gain clarity and insight about how you can positively tackle the issue and feel empowered to do so. It will lead you towards the right path for you in making the changes in your life to fulfil your highest potential.

    This service covers the following area(s):

  • Harrogate
  • Ripon
  • Knaresborough
  • Easingwold

Last updated: 11/05/2020